Right-to-Life Issues in Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Literature

By Dr. Jeff James Koloze

This study examines a rarely explored area of pro-life concern, the impact of the gay and lesbian movement on the life issues of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.  Although the gay and lesbian political movement, especially the aggressive one of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, may seem to have nothing to do with the life issues, the philosophical foundations of the gay and lesbian distortion of heterosexual normativity need to be examined to understand why adherents of this political perspective are closely aligned with anti-life forces.  Despite this allegiance, the literature itself comports more with, if not an overtly pro-life philosophy, then a life-affirming one.  That is, there is little evidence in gay and lesbian literature to suggest that persons with same-sex attraction necessarily support the killing of the unborn, the handicapped newborn, or the medically vulnerable.  Finally, the literature provides an opportunity for persons with same-sex attraction to renounce their political allegiance with the destructive social force known as the gay and lesbian lobby and, instead, align itself with the pro-life movement, which is more compatible with their efforts to seek authentic love in a world which distorts sexuality.

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